Enter the Serious Series Challenge!

Run all 3 events.. Trail 50K/Marathon/Half Marathon/Road Ends 5 Miler, Flirt with Dirt, and The Legend to complete the Serious Series Challenge.

This series of events will take you on a tour of our FAVORITE SE Michigan trails including Pinckney, Maybury State Park and Sleepy Hollow State Park near Lansing.

If you finish all three you will receive a Serious Series Award!

First Event: Trail Marathon, Half Marathon or Road Ends 5 Mile race in Pinckney! Visit www.trailmarathon.com for details!

Second Event: Flirt With Dirt 5 & 10K Trail Run at Maybury State Park in Northville. Visit www.runflirt.com for more information.

Last Event: The Legend 5 Mile, 10 Mile and Half Marathon Trail Run. Visit www.runlegend.com for more details!

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